Death of Assad’s cousin brings peace to Latakia: Activists

Pro-Assad demonstrators in Latakia. File photo

ARA News

Alepp, Syria – Fawaz Jamil al-Assad, cousin of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, died Friday in al-Nada Hospital in Latakia province, west of the country, pro-regime sources reported on Saturday.

Speaking to ARA News, one of the nurses in the al-Nada Hospital said (on the condition of anonymity for security reasons) that Fawaz al-Assad died due to chronic liver disease, which he had been suffering from for five years, stressing that the hospital is subjected to intense monitoring by followers of Fawaz al-Assad.

Yasmin Mwaffaq, a media activist in Latakia, told ARA News on the phone that he (Assad’s cousin) practiced all kinds of cruelty against civilians in Latakia in the recent years “due to his links with the ruling family in Syria”. 

“Fawaz al-Assad was able to pick any girl on the streets of Latakia and sexually harass her without any intervention by security forces,” Mwaffaq added, pointing out that this case happened with her colleague at the university. fawaz-el-assad

“He had enjoyed great authority over the province of Latakia, and this enabled him do whatever he wanted,” the source told ARA News. “His death will bring peace to many families.” 

“Additionally, he was storming the houses of civilians, who have been involved in the anti-Assad protests which swept the county in March 2011,” the source added.


Reporting by: Beri Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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