Kurdish forces arrest ISIS-linked cell in Syria’s Hasakah

Members of the Kurdish YPG forces at a security checkpoint near Syria's Qamishli. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – The Kurdish security forces of the Asayish arrested two suspects accused of links with Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) in the town of Tirbespi (Qahtaniya) of Hasakah Province, northeastern Syria, military sources reported on Tuesday.

The Asayish Media Center (MC) issued a statement, of which ARA News received a copy, saying that they arrested the two “mercenaries” immediately upon getting accurate intelligence of their links with the IS terrorist group, saying they were transferring fuel to the group near Tirbespi. 

“The Asayish forces have been informed about the existence of an IS-linked vehicle transferring fuel from the Kurdish areas to the terrorist group,” the Asayish MC added. “After continuous surveillance, we were able to discover the two truck drivers and confiscate their vehicles which were filled with fuel, before reaching their destination in an IS-held area near the town of Tirbespi.” 

According to the Asayish leadership, the detainees, who were identified as members of a terrorist cell, confessed having direct contacts with the IS group and transferring fuel as well as intelligence information about the Kurdish military movements in the area to the radical group.

Speaking to ARA News in Tirbespi, Shyar Hassan, an Asayish member, said that their forces have intensified security measures at checkpoints of Tirbespi to prevent possible infiltrations of IS-lined sleeper cells into the region, which has seen several suicide attacks and attempts to plant explosives in the past few months.


Reporting by: Dilshad Ahmed 

Source: ARA News

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