Turkey may participate in ground operations against ISIS in Mosul

Turkish army forces. File photo

ARA News

Suruc, Turkey –Local media reported on Monday that Turkey is planning to participate in the ground campaign in northern Iraq, in order to regain the city from the hands of militants fighters of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS). 

The Turkish newspaper Hürriyet reported that Asil Nujaifi, official Iraqi governor of Mosul, confirmed that Turkey will take part in the ground operations that will be conducted by the Iraqi army with U.S. support, in order to “liberate Mosul” from IS insurgents. 

On the other hand, a Turkish senior official said that the Turkish forces are not ready yet to join the ground operation against IS in Mosul, adding that Turkey may limit its contribution to logistics, according to the newspaper. 

Officials in Ankara did not comment on Nujaifi’s remarks. 

The anti-IS operation in Mosul, which is planned by the U.S.-led international coalition’s forces and the Iraqi army, is expected to take place in few months.  

Turkish political activist Mohammed Dawood told ARA News that everything is expected from Turkey, which aspires for a greater role in the region and the world, and to achieve this ambition, Turkey should show good intentions by engaging in the U.S.-led operations against IS group. 

“However, such a participation may cost Turkey more terrorist attacks. Thus, Turkey will take more assertive decisions in the fight against extremist groups,” Dawood added.

The Islamic State took control of Mosul in northern Iraq in the second half of 2014, spreading its control over large areas in Iraq and Syria.  


Reporting by: Mohammed Ali

Source: ARA News

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