Islamic State executes civilians on charges of links with Syrian regime

ISIS militants executing two of the detainees on charges of dealing with the Syrian regime. (IJN)

ARA News

Erbil, Kurdistan Region – Pro-Islamic State (IS/ISIS) media sources published Friday images of the execution of civilians from Shaddadi (60 km south of Hasakah), in northeastern Syria, who were arrested at the hands of an IS-linked security group.

The victims reportedly confessed their links with the Syrian regime as well as preparing pro-regime sleeper cells in IS-held areas.

Pro-IS media sources published a photo of a victim with a caption saying: “The security apparatus in the state of al-Barakah (Hasakah) arrested these apostates recruited by the regime to serve as sleeper cells.”

“The apostates have been interrogated to reveal the names of all the pro-regime sleeper cells,” another caption on a second victim’s photo read.

While the third image showed two kneeling detainees, handcuffed, blinded and dressed in orange or what has become known as “the death dress“.

Before implementing the execution, the executioners recited a statement explaining their reasoning for the sentence in front of a crowd of civilians, who were obligated to watch the death sentence by firing squad.

Speaking to ARA News in Hasakah, an eyewitness Y.S. said (on the condition of anonymity) that the Islamic State is killing opponents, imposing its laws on people, tightening it grip on them and enforcing many other strict regulations on the daily lives of civilians.

“IS criminalizes smokers and punishes them by death and cuts off the hands of people on charges of theft. So now the people of the city fear making any inadvertent violations against those strict rules for fear of brutal punishment,” the source added.

Over the past four years, the Islamic State carried out numerous executions by firing squad, slaughtering, and burning to death. The hardline group has repeatedly implemented the punishment of cutting off the hand in all areas under its control, claiming application of the Islamic law (aka Sharia). 


Reporting by: Sarbaz Yousef

Source: ARA News

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