Lions of Rojava.. Western fighters join Syrian Kurds in anti-ISIS campaign

A member of the Lions of Rojava group of Western fighters who fight alongside Kurds against ISIS in northern Syria. (Photo: Lions of Rojava FB)

ARA News 

Qamishli, Syria – Dozens of Western fighters from different nationalities have joined the ranks of the Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq in order to combat militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIL). 

The mounting atrocities of the extremist group against civilians have these Westerners –some with military experience and others with no fighting background–supporting Kurds in their months-long conflict against IS. 

In Syria, hundreds of Western members of the People’s Protection Units (YPG and Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) have formed what is known as “Lions of Rojava” (Lions of Syrian Kurdistan). They force combat IS in several areas in Syria’s Kurdish region alongside the YPG and YPJ.

The force fights under the banner “Send Terrorists to Hell and Save Humanity”.  

Speaking to ARA News, Peter, an American fighter in the ranks of Lions of Rojava, emphasized the importance of being united with the Kurdish forces in order to fight against IS extremists, saying it’s a front that everyone should join since IS is an enemy to all of humanity. 

“What prompted me to come here and join the Kurdish forces was the desire to help eliminate the enemies of humanity (in reference to IS militants),” Peter said.

“By this amount of brutality and barbaric atrocities against innocent civilians, theese terrorists are trying to destroy humanity. Thus it seems a duty to fight and eliminate them.” 

“They are a source of extremism and terrorism, and they share all inhuman qualities,” he added. 

Speaking to ARA News on the fighting front against the radical group in the town of Tel Brak near Qamishli, Peter appealed to the U.S.: “Air operations must be more efficient against the Islamic State, and essential tactical units of the group should be given a priority in the airstrikes in order to enable us to achieve remarkable advances on the ground.” 

“Eliminating terrorism starts with eliminating IS, because the group has attracted radicals from all over the world. So this is a great opportunity for the U.S. and allies to put an end to those terrorists who threaten innocent people, not only in this region but all over the world,” Peter told ARA News. 

Delil, a Kurdish fighter who is fighting alongside Peter, said that the presence of Peter and other Western fighters on the Kurdish side of the conflict against IS “it raises the overall morale among Kurds”. 

“When you see foreigners leave their homelands to join us in the fight against terrorism, this strengthens our spirits in this war, so we remain even more steadfast in our commitment to defend our people and homeland,” Delil told ARA News.


Reporting by: Mir Yaqoob and Jiwan Saman

Source: ARA News

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