Syrian refugees in Turkey denied access to medical treatment

A displaced Syrian family inside a tent in refugee camp southern Turkey. File photo

ARA News

Gaziantep, Turkey – Over the past few days, more than 20 Syrian refugees denied treatment in a governmental hospital in the city of Gaziantep, southern Turkey, a Syrian refugee stated to ARA News on Friday.

In the meantime, the Turkish governor of Gaziantep province reported Wednesday to local media that the Turkish refugee residency card which was granted by the Turkish government in 2014 (that every Syrian holds) is currently not recognized.

“The Turkish residency card allows Syrian citizens to receive treatment in the state hospitals, but they did not renew it to enable us seek treatment,” Sarah Ali, a Syrian refugee in Gaziantep, told ARA News.

Ali confirmed that she urgently headed to the government hospital because of problems in her kidney, and she was greatly suffering.

“Although I was enduring a critical condition, they refused to treat me because I carry an outdated residency card,” she said disappointedly.

“I was not the only Syrian who was prevented from receiving treatment; there were more than 20 other Syrian patients there,” Ali added, pointing out “my condition was very bad, but some Syrians were in much worse condition, and in spite of this the staff refused to hospitalize them”.

The Turkish government has not yet made any announcement about the renewal or granting of new residency permits to Syrians.


Reporting by: Beri Ali

Source: ARA News

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