Militant fighters of the Islamic State. File photo


Urfa, Turkey – On Tuesday, the pro-regime forces deterred an offensive launched by the Islamic State group (IS/ISIL) on the village of Huqf in the countryside of As-Suwayda, in southern Syria, activists reported.

Local activists told ARA News that dozens of ISIL militants headed Tuesday morning toward the village of Huqf from three directions “in an attempt to storm it”, pointing out that they were able to surround the village and threaten the people through loudspeakers to evacuate the area.

The source pointed out that young villagers, who volunteered in the ranks of the National Defense Army (pro-Assad militia), clashed with the group for an hour until reinforcements from the Syrian regime army arrived along with volunteers from neighboring villages.

The pro-regime army with the support of National Defense militia were able to lift the siege imposed by ISIL on the Huqf village.

“The clashes have caused heavy losses in the ISIL’s ranks and the death of a member of the National Defense Army, called Karim Salloum from the town of Shahba,” a local activist told ARA News on the condition of anonymity.

The violent clashes cased several casualties among civilians, including a 9-year-old girl.  

The Huqf village is located in the northeastern countryside of As-Suwayda, where Druze constitute a majority of the population. 


Reporting by: Redwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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