FSA coordinates with Druze minority to combat Assad forces south Syria

Syrian rebel fighters of the FSA. File photo

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – Rebels of the Syrian Free Army (FSA) reported coordination with the Druze clerics in As-Suwyada province in southern Syria, in an attempt to expel the regime’s forces from the province, military sources reported on Saturday.

An FSA military source told ARA News (on the condition of anonymity) that there is a possibility of unifying opposition factions south Syria under one leadership to combat Assad’s forces.

“Our (FSA) leadership is holding meetings with Druze clerics in As-Suwayda in an attempt to form a united front against Assad regime forces in the province,” he said.

“The opposition of the Druze minority in southern Syria increased against Assad regime in the past few weeks, as they explained their willingness to cooperate with the rebels in order to liberate As-Suwayda from pro-Assad militias,” he added.

In a statement issued Friday, the FSA leadership in southern Syria called on its leaders to form a united force to accelerate ousting Assad from the region.

Concerning the relationship of the FSA with al-Nusra Front, especially after the “massacre” committed by Nusra against the Druze minority in the village of Qalb Loza in the countryside of Idlib, the source pointed out that the FSA-Nusra cooperation is strategic and cannot be easily broken “because of some individual practices”.

Members of al-Nusar Front executed nearly 30 people in the Druze Mount Simmaq in Idlib’s province two weeks ago. 

“There are specialized courts operate on the massacre issue,” the source told ARA News.

“During its operation in the military airport of al-Thala, the FSA fighters have entered to the Druze villages amid popular support, but the regime has targeted the area with mortars in an attempt to hit coexistence in the area,” the FSA fighter said. 


Reporting by: Adel Hassan

Source: ARA News

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