Jihadists displace Kurdish families from Raqqa

ISIS militants displaced dozens of Kurdish families from the city of Raqqa. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – A special security force from the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) has forcibly transferred some 160 Kurdish families from Raqqa province to Palmyra city (Tadmur) in central Syria, local sources reported on Sunday.

Speaking to ARA News in Raqqa, media activist Muhammad Raqawi reported that the IS-linked security group of “Tamasih” gathered the Kurdish families from Dariya district of western Raqqa in the Cultural Center’s building, and then forcibly transferred them by buses to Palmyra.

The source added that the Tamasih group was led by Abu Anas al-Iraqi, who ordered to move dozens of Kurdish families toward the city of Palmyra.

Pro-IS sources reported that the Kurds who reside in Raqqa are accused of leaking information about the group to the Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) –which is in conflict with IS militants in northern Syria. 

Raqawi pointed out that pro-IS Arab tribal figures in Raqqa justified the displacement of the Kurdish families by saying: “In light of the raging war against us from the Crusader coalition (U.S.-led coalition forces) with allied Kurdish militias (in reference to YPG), we have no doubt about the involvement of many Kurdish families in communication with the Kurdish militias, which in turn communicate with the Crusaders in their war on Islam and Muslims.”

“Expelling the Kurds from Raqqa is the best solution. This is the only way to protect Muslims of Raqqa from their apostate enemies,” a group of Arab tribal figures in Raqqa said in a statement. 

In the recent weeks, hundreds of Kurdish residents escaped the IS de facto capital of Raqqa, heading to Kobane and other Kurdish cities. While the group forcibly displaced the remaining Kurdish families towards Palmyra.


Reporting by: Egid Yousef

Source: ARA News

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