Russia increases military support to Syria’s Assad

ARA News 

Moscow and Damascus did not suspend the implementation of agreements on military-technological cooperation, and Syria is currently receiving all weapons it needs from Russia, Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riad Haddad said.

“Russia is providing all technical and military assistance and observing all military agreements concluded between our countries. Russia’s military assistance includes the training of specialists and other aspects,” Haddad said in an interview with Interfax.

“I won’t say what types of weapons Russia is supplying, but I’ll stress that it is providing Syria with all it needs,” he added.

“Russia’s position has been clear from the start of the crisis in Syria: it supports the state and the Syrian army, as well as the Syrian people’s fortitude,” Haddad said.

The two countries also cooperate on preventing the recruitment of Russians to the Islamic State, he said.

“Syria and Russia are cooperating in the military, economic, political, and diplomatic areas and on security issues, including interaction with the country’s leadership concerning people coming from Russia who are fighting in Syria,” he said.


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