ISIS infiltrates a town north Raqqa, clashes with Kurdish fighters

Kurdish fighters and allied rebels continue combatting ISIS north Raqqa. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Urfa, Turkey – On Saturday, militant fighters of the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) infiltrated into a town held by Kurdish forces in the countryside of Tel Abyad (Gire Spi) in Raqqa province, northeast Syria. Subsequently, clashes broke out between Kurdish fighters and IS militants in Suluk town, military sources reported. 

Speaking to ARA News, Haboun Osman, fighter in the ranks of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), said that a group of IS gunmen was able to reach Suluk town and conducted a suicide attack near a YPG checkpoint. 

“The attack resulted in the outbreak of fierce clashes between our fighters and terrorists of Daesh (IS) in Suluk downtown,” the source said.

Osman added that at least six IS insurgents were killed during the clashes, “while the rest of militants escaped on Saturday evening”.

Meanwhile, the YPG’s leadership issued a statement, of which ARA News received a copy, saying that clashes erupted south of Kobane between the YPG forces and IS militants after an offensive launched by the latter on the southern village of Qal Hadid. 

“Some 12 IS corpses were found following the clashes on Saturday evening. Our forces seized a deal of arms and ammunition after regaining the village from Daesh (IS),” the statement added.

Over the last few weeks, IS radicals launched sporadic attacks on villages, towns and cities in the countrysides of Kobane, Tel Abyad and Hasakah, using the infiltration tactic against the defending forces.


Reporting by: Jan Nasro

Source: ARA News

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