Pro-Assad army reports gains against rebel fighters in Latakia

Syrian army soldiers are seen marching on a road in the village of Kassab, in the northwestern province of Latakia. File photo

ARA News 

Damascus, Syria – On Sunday, pro-Assad forces stepped up airstrikes against rebel fighters and retook villages in the coastal province of Latakia, Syrian military sources reported.

The regime-led intensified military operations in the countryside of Latakia are aimed at cutting off rebel supply lines from the Turkish border to the rebel-held areas in the coastal province. 

“Syrian air force conducted several raids on opposition-held areas in the countryside of Latakia. The intensified strikes forced the terrorists (in reference to opposition fighters) to withdraw from several villages,” an officer in the Syrian army told ARA News on Sunday. 

“At least five villages were cleared from Islamists, including Beit Khadour, Beit Zaifa, Tel alKhadar and Jabal al Rahmaliya,” the source reported. 

The coastal province of Latakia province, a stronghold of Assad’s Alawite sect, has been a key battleground of the conflict that entered its fifth year. 

Reporting by: Laila Majdalawi 


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