ISIS renews attacks on Iraqi army in Anbar, 17 killed

ARA News 

Erbil, Kurdistan Region – At least 17 Iraqi soldiers were killed in an attack by militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) in Anbar province west of Baghdad, military officials said on Sunday.

IS militants bombed the district of Jaramshah north of Ramadi in Anbar province, killing 17 soldiers and injuring five others.

“Daesh (IS) militants used mortar shells and suicide bombings in their offensive on headquarters of the Iraqi army in Jaramshah,” an army official reported.

Head of Iraqi army operations in Anbar province, Qassim al-Dulaimi, was also injured in Sunday’s attack. 

This come two days after more than 50 Iraqi soldiers were killed in ambushes planned by the radical group in Anbar province. 

Reporting by: Sarbaz Yousef 

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