More than 200,000 Syrians held in detentions: Report

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – As horror of war continues in Syria, people’s multifaceted suffering increases, especially in terms of kidnappings and arrests. According to the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR), the numbers of enforced disappearance cases have dramatically increased in the recent months across the war-torn country. 

According to the SNHR, Syrians are exposed to mass arrests and the numbers of detainees keep rising on a daily basis, while humanitarian organizations remained helpless to document these huge figures. 

“For years, Syrians have suffered arbitrary practices by various armed groups that control the Syrian territory. Civilians have been detained by pro-regime forces, Islamic State group (IS/ISIS), al-Qaeda affiliated Nusra Front, the Kurdish forces and opposition factions,” the independent group said in a report. 

According to the SNHR, the number of detainees in Syria exceeded 215000 people, “99% of them are held by Assad’s forces.”  

Meanwhile, Daesh (IS) arrested more than 150 Syrian civilians, including 18 children. Also, the monitoring group documented 43 more cases arrested by the Kurdish forces. SNHR added that 14 people are held by Nusra Front, and several other civilians are detained by opposition groups. 

The group reported dozens of enforced disappearance cases, appealing to the international community to intervene and release the detainees and help uncover the fate of missing civilians in Syria. 

Reporting by: Egid Yousef

Source: ARA News

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