PKK bombs Turkish security headquarters, killing 19 forces

Turkish forces. File photo

ARA News

ŞIRNAK Rebels of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) claimed responsibility for operations that claimed lives of 19 Turkish forces in southeastern Turkey.

The PKK leadership said in a statement that its forces of the Popular Defense has launched several attacks against positions of the Turkish police and military forces.

“Our fighters were able to kill 16 military forces and three police officers in strategic operations over the past two days,” said the statement of which ARA News received a copy.

The recent PKK-led attacks on the Turkish forces took place in the Kurdish-majority provinces of Şırnak and Diyarbakir.

Speaking to ARA News, Kurdish member of the Turkish Parliament Salma Armak said the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan has repeatedly called for ceasefire between the rebels and the Turkish army. “However, the Turkish authorities insist to continue the bloodshed.”

“The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ended the peace process by ordering airstrikes on the PKK positions inside and outside Turkey. The ongoing PKK operations seem an expected reaction to the Turkish offensive on the Kurdish areas,” she said.

The Turkish army said on Thursday that more than 2000 PKK rebels have been killed during Turkish strikes in the past three months.

Reporting by: Ahmed Shiwesh

Source: ARA News

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