Gunmen kill a Sharia judge in ISIS-held city

ISIS militants executing an order by the Sharia Court in Manbij to chop the hand of a young Syrian man on charges of theft. File photo

ARA News 

ERBIL – A prominent Sharia judge of the extremist group of Islamic State (ISIS) was shot dead in the ISIS-held city of Manbij in Aleppo province, northern Syria, local sources reported on Tuesday.

Speaking to ARA News in Manbij, civil rights activist Adnan al-Halabi said that a group of gunmen on Monday midnight raided the house of the judge Abu Farouq in the city of Manbij and shot him in the head.

Farouq used to administer daily activities in the ISIS-linked Sharia Court in Manbij. 

“He was found dead at his home on Tuesday,” the source said. 

“In the wake of the accident, the ISIS-led Islamic Police arrested more than 30 people for interrogation,” al-Halabi quoted eyewitnesses as saying. 

In mid-November, a Syrian young man killed another judge from the radical group along with two of his escorts in the city of Manbij, according to local sources. After killing the ISIS judgej, the man has reportedly committed suicide by shooting himself. 

“The young man has shot dead a Tunisian national, who served as a judge at the ISIS-linked Sharia Court in Manbij,” an eyewitness told ARA News on the condition of anonymity.

In the meantime, dozens of people took to the street in Manbij to protest against ISIS atrocities, but the group opened fire on the protesters, killing at least two and wounding several others. The rest of the protesters were arrested, activists told ARA News in Manbij.  

Subsequent to fierce battles with the Syrian opposition forces, the hardline group has captured the city of Manbij more than a year and a half ago. 

Reporting by: Sarbaz Yousef

Source: ARA News

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