ISIS militants launch major offensive against Syrian army in Homs

ISIS militants. File photo

ARA News

HOMS – Militant fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) carried out a surprise attack on positions for the pro-regime forces in Syria’s central province of Homs. At least 18 Syrian soldiers were killed in the ISIS-led attack on regime headquarters near al-Bared district in the eastern suburbs of Homs on Thursday.

Local activists confirmed that the ISIS radical group was able to make gains in eastern Homs despite airstrikes by the pro-regime warplanes.  

Speaking to ARA News in Homs, media activist Muhannad Ibrahim said that ISIS militants launched a surprise attack on two posts for the regime’s army forces in al-Bared area and were able to kill 18 soldiers after clashes that lasted for an hour on Thursday evening. 

“ISIS was able to take over a number of posts in the vicinity of Al-Qaryatayn town southeast of Homs after clashes with Assad’s army forces,” Muhannad reported. 

The source pointed out that ISIS insurgents were able to destroy an armored personnel carrier after targeting it with a thermal anti-armor missile, beside seizing a truck loaded with light and medium weapons along with a big deal of ammunition.  

In the meantime, pro-regime warplanes conducted more than 16 raids in the vicinity of Al-Qaryatayn town where fighting continues between the two sides, according to informed local sources. 

Media activist J.S. told ARA News that the pro-regime forces have fortified several positions in the areas surrounding al-Bared town in a bid to launch a major anti-ISIS military operation in eastern Homs province.

“Pro-regime army forces have pounded the ISIS-held town of al-Bared with heavy weapons on Thursday midnight,” a Syrian military source told ARA News, speaking on condition of anonymity. 

The areas located eastern Al-Qaryatayn town have been witnessing heavy bombardment with artillery and airstrikes by the regime’s army since Wednesday midnight. Subsequent to the army’s withdrawal from Al-Qaryatayn, ISIS took al-Bared as a major bastion for launching its military operations in the eastern suburbs of Homs in central Syria

Reporting by: Haytham Mustafa

Source: ARA News

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