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DUHOK – Extremist group of the Islamic State (ISIS) has executed eight of its own jihadis in Mosul city of Iraq’s northwestern Nineveh province on charges of “high treason”, local sources reported on Tuesday. 

The eight militant fighters were captured after escaping the fighting front of al-Ratba, where clashes are still ongoing between ISIS and the Iraqi army.

“They were executed at the hands of their fellow militants. The dead bodies of the eight jihadis were then paraded in the streets of Mosul city,” media activist Jaafar Jabbawi told ARA News in Mosul. 

The ISIS-linked Sharia Court issued a statement describing the executed fighters as “traitors” who deserved death.

“Leaving a fighting position without orders from the ISIS military leadership is considered a high treason and the perpetrators are brutally punished,” head of Nineveh media centre Raafat al-Zarari told ARA News.

According to al-Zarari, parading the dead bodies of those fighters is meant to terrorise other members of ISIS.

“The group is trying to hold its remaining positions after suffering heavy losses at the hands of the Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi army in several parts of Iraq,” the source said. 

Reporting by: Eyaz Ciziri 

Source: ARA News 

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