A Peshmerga fighter is seen in Tuz Khurmato kissing the Kurdish flag. Photo: Pierre-yves Baillet/ARA News

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DUHOK – The Peshmerga forces of Iraq Kurdistan launched a new military campaign to secure al-Khazir district of northern Iraq from the radical group of Islamic State (ISIS), Kurdish sources reported on Monday. 

The Peshmerga troops hit ISIS fighting positions near Khazir with heavy artillery, causing the group heavy losses in manpower and equipment. 

“Under heavy blows by the Peshmerga, ISIS militants evacuated several villages in the vicinity of Khazir on Monday,” Peshmerga officer Izzadin Wanki told ARA News.

“Today we saw no resistance from ISIS at the Khazir battlefront; they withdrew subsequent to Peshmerga shelling on their positions. This indicates how helpless the group has become, those terrorists seem exhausted, which means the great victory against ISIS is coming soon,” Wanki said.

According to the Peshmerga officer, securing Khazir district is deemed crucial for the protection of Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

“The group has previously used this district as a military base form which it has launched several attacks against the Kurdistan Region. So, protecting Khazir means maintaining the security of Erbil itself,” he told ARA News.

Makhmur Under Attack

This comes just two days after the Peshmerga forces of Iraqi Kurdistan repelled an offensive by militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) near Makhmur district, according to military sources. 

Peshmerga commander Serwan Bargain said on Saturday that five ISIS militants infiltrated into the Kuber-Makhmur area in a bid to launch suicide attacks on Peshmerga headquarters. 

“Four of them were arrested before detonating their explosive belts, while the fifth terrorist bombed himself,” Barzani said in Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. “One Peshmerga fighter was injured in the explosion, and his situation is stable now,” he added. 

Reporting by: Ali Issa 

Source: ARA News

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