Iraqi Kurdistan’s security chief confirms delivery of aid to Syrian Kurds

Lahur Talabani, the head Kurdish Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG) of Iraqi Kurdistan meeting Syrian Kurdish officials in Kobane. Photo: ARA News

ARA News 

QAMISHLI – Lahur Talabani, director of the Kurdish Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG) in Iraqi Kurdistan, said that they have delivered 25 tonnes of medical aid and food to Syria’s Kurdish region–Rojava.

“Rojava continues to fight ISIS and we must support their efforts and ensure they have access to medicine and humanitarian aid,” he said on Tuesday.

“There is a humanitarian crisis in Rojava and we have a duty to help our brothers and sisters there. I pledge to do all I can to ease the burden,” he tweeted on his official account.

“We know what it’s like to be in need. I’m happy we were able to send 25 tonnes of medical supplies and food to Rojava,” he said.

The Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD) and the Iraqi Kurdistan’s Patriotic Union Party (PUK) led by Jalal Talabani have built good relations over the years, as a result of their mutual bad relations with Masoud Barzani’s Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

The PYD has backed a agreement between Gorran and the PUK reached in May, that is seen by the Barzani-backed Syrian Kurdish National Council (KNC) as an attempt to undermine the independence referendum of Iraqi Kurdistan–initiated by Masoud Barzani.

On 7 June, Lahur Talabani visited the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobane and called on the Iraqi Kurdish authorities to open the border between Rojava and Iraqi Kurdistan.

The border was opened on 8 June for medical aid and trade only.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg

Source: ARA News 

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  1. Hemin Qadir
    June 29, 2016 at 10:35 am

    This is why we will not achieve independence under current leaderships. If only they tried and put their differences aside and work for the needs of Kurdish people.

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