Syrian rebels fight back in Aleppo, recapture key district from regime troops

Syrian rebels during clashes against pro-Assad military forces in Aleppo. File photo

ARA News

ALEPPO Syrian rebel fighters on Tuesday launched a fierce offensive on positions for the pro-regime forces in Aleppo city, northern Syria, and recaptured a key district. 

Rebels of the Aleppo Conquest [Fateh Halab] coalition attacked strongholds of the pro-regime forces north Aleppo and recaptured the Bani Zaid district. 

Speaking to ARA News, Aleppo Conquest coalition’s spokesman Mussalam Salloum said the attack comes amid attempts by their fighters to reopen their only supply route into Aleppo city, known as Castello Road.

“We have recaptured Bani Zaid district from pro-Assad militias after bombing their strongholds and destroying two tanks,” Salloum said, adding that 18 regime forces were killed in the clashes.

“They [Syrian regime forces] eventually withdrew from the district, and we are currently preparing a new offensive to regain the recently lost areas of Aleppo, including the Castello Road,” the rebel official told ARA News.

This comes just one day after the regime forces hit the rebel headquarters in the city and killed at least 26 fighters. 

The Castello Road leads into the opposition-held eastern half of Aleppo city, which is now effectively besieged by Syrian regime forces.

On Thursday, the regime troops seized a hilltop within range of the strategic Castello supply line. Then by Saturday, the Syrian regime forces imposed full control over the Castello Road, putting rebels under heavy siege.

“We won’t give up. The fight for Castello will continue, and our forces are preparing heavy attacks on the pro-Assad troops there,” rebel spokesman Saleh al-Zein told ARA News in Aleppo earlier on Monday. 

According to al-Zein, different factions of the armed Syrian opposition decided to cooperate in order to reopen their only supply line into the key Aleppo city. 

The Aleppo Conquest coalition is comprised of some 31 armed groups that co-ordinate attacks against Syrian government forces, ISIS and the Kurds in Aleppo governorate.

Reporting by: Taim Khalil 

Source: ARA News

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