Hundreds of displaced civilians arrive in Kurdish city fleeing violence in Syria’s Hasakah


Civilians escaping Hasakah after tensions intensified between Kurdish forces and pro-regime militias. Photo: ARA News

ARA News 

AMUDE – Hundreds of displaced people arrived in the Kurdish city of Amude escaping the ongoing clashes between Kurds and Syrian regime troops in Syria’s northeastern province of Hasakah.

After clashes erupted in the city of Hasakah this week between Kurdish forces and pro-regime militias, thousands of civilians fled the city looking for a safe haven.

Speaking to ARA News, the coordinator of UNHCR center in the city of Amude, Tarik Alsaid, said that nearly a thousand IDPs from Hasakah have arrived to Amude city, since the clashes broke out in the northern province.

“In response to the emergency humanitarian case, a relief committee has been formed by the UNHCR, the local council of Amude city and the Kurdish Red Crescent to receive the displaced people from Hasakah –most of whom were children and women,” he said.

Alsaid said that the UNCHR opened two shelter houses, but more could be opened if the fight continues between the Kurdish and regime forces.

Jeen Khalef, 17, a displaced citizen from Hasakah, told ARA News that they never wanted to leave their hometown. “But due to the increasing clashes and airstrikes, we were forced to escape, and leave to a safe place,” she said.

Neiyma Mohammed, 45, also displaced from Hasakah, said that fierce clashes erupted, with regime deploying snipers shooting civilians.

“There is no difference between the regime and ISIS, they both kill civilians,” she told ARA News. Thanks to the help of our friends [the People’s Protection Units], we were able to survive. Everthing is available for us in this shelter, and we feel as if we are home.”

Shaker Ibrahim, who works in the local administration’s office for humanitarian affairs in Amude, told ARA News that international organizations are providing food and support for the displaced.

“First we received the displaced families and set up tents in collaboration with the Amude municipality, then shelters have been opened,” he said.

“The administration has allocated huge budget for our office to provide basic supplies to the displaced people of Hasakah. Also, the local relief organization of Rojava provided support due to the increased number of the displaced,” Shaker added.

Reporting by: Jan Mohammed

Source: ARA News


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