Kurdish YPG forces deny cutting regime supply line in Aleppo

Kurdish fighters of the YPG. Photo: Jinda Ibrahim/ARA News

ARA News 

ALEPPO – General Command of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) denied cutting the al-Castello road and imposing a siege on Syrian regime forces in Aleppo.

The Castello road is one of the last supply lines for regime troops in Aleppo city.

“In response to some tendentious media outlets which report rumors about cutting Castello road by our units in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood [of Aleppo], we condemn such accusations that aim to discredit YPG and sow discord among Syrian components,” leadership of the Kurdish YPG forces said in a statement on Tuesday.

The YPG general command confirmed that the road is still open and has never been closed since it is the only route to secure civilians’ supplies and humanitarian aid.

“We consider these charges false and baseless; Castello road is open and will remain, because cutting it off could lead to a humanitarian disaster,” the YPG said.

The YPG pointed out that dozens of relief trucks crossed today to enter Aleppo’s neighborhood. 

“We as YPG appeal to all people in Aleppo not to be drawn into such games and the lies which aim to hit brotherhood of people and create strife between Syrian groups,” the Kurdish leadership said.

In the meantime, Syrian Islamist rebels resumed Tuesday heavy shelling of the Kurdish neighbourhood of Sheikh Maqsoud.

Reporting by: Jan Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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