Pro-Kurdish party in Turkey calls for resumption of negotiations

Kurdish HDP supporters. File photo

ARA News 

DERIK – The pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) called on a return to peace talks, after a bomb attack killed 11 near a police station, and injured more than 200 in the town of Elazig.

“Turkey is rapidly dragged into ambiguity. What we go through everyday makes us long for yesterday,” the HDP said.

“We are deeply concerned and saddened by the incidents that took place today in Elazığ, and what happened a few days ago in Van and Diyarbakır. Turkey is led to a state of heavy clashes and deaths everyday,” the HDP leadership said in a statement on Saturday. 

The Kurdish party urged all actors to abstain from violence. 

“We all must intensify our quest and efforts on ending violence and clashes,” the HDP added.

According to the Kurdish party, there needs to be a solution for the Kurdish question fast and an end to violence.

“It is unaccepteble to have violence as an inured part of our daily lives. We repeat our call on returning to negotiation and resolution process to stop the bloodshed immediately,” the HDP said.

“As Peoples’ Democratic Party, we hope the immediate end to these sufferings and express our most profound condolences to all families whose loved ones were killed and injured,” the HDP concluded.

Source: ARA News

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