Syrian Kurds inaugurate representation office in the Netherlands

From the ceremonies of the declaration of federalism in Rojava, Rumelan, northeastern Syria. File photo: ARA New

ARA News 

AMSTERDAM – Syrian Kurds opened an office in the Netherlands on Thursday, to be the first representation office for the Rojava Administration in the Benelux countries, officials said. 

Speaking to ARA News, Sinem Mohammed, co-president of the People Council of Western Kurdistan [also known as Rojava], said that the office was inaugurated on 8 September. 

ased in The Hague, the office will represent the Syrian Kurds and northern Syria in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg.

Sheruan Hassan, a member of the Democratic Union Party in Syira (PYD), who will be the new representative of the Rojava administration in the Benelux, said that the goal is to strengthen ties between Rojava and the outside world.

“Instead of choosing one country, we decided to choose three countries; according to the law of these countries, we will make diplomatic relations in the Benelux. The Syrian Kurds already have good relations with France and the US, but we also need good relations with the Benelux,” Hassan told ARA News.

He further said that the relations with the Benelux do not have to necessarily include military relations, stressing that the new representation office is mainly aimed to gain more support to democracy and peace in Syria. 

However, the Dutch government has not been very supportive of the Syrian Kurds, and preferred to work in areas controlled by the Syrian rebel groups in Idlib and Aleppo. 

Speaking to ARA News, Dutch MP for the Socialist Party (SP) Harry van Bommel said that the Dutch government does not back the Syrian Kurds because of Turkey.

“Turkey considers the PYD as an ally to the PKK [Kurdistan Workers Party]. We think that the Syrian Kurds should be considered as an ally to the West, and they actually deserve political support for their democratic ambitions in Rojava [Syria’s Kurdish region]. Also, there should be more pressure on Turkey to allow humanitarian aid to reach Rojava,” van Bommel said.

The Syrian Kurds previously opened diplomatic missions in Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Moscow and Sulaimaniya. 

Kurdish officials also told ARA News that they are working on opening an office in Washington soon. 

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