Assad ready to cooperate with Trump over ‘promising’ Syria policy


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad speaking to Denmark's TV-2. File photo

ARA News

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Saturday that he is open to cooperation with the new US administration over President Donald Trump’s ‘promising’ policies for the civil war in Syria.

Assad told reporters in Damascus that President Trump’s focus was a “promising approach” but that no concrete proposals have emerged yet.

Asked whether there was potential for cooperation with the new US administration, the Syrian president said: “In theory, yes, but practically, not yet, because there’s no link between Syria and the United States on the formal level.”

Although there was no contact between Damascus and Washington, Assad said he was open to formal talks.

“We have more hopes now regarding the American party because of the new administration,” he said.

President Trump in January ordered US military commanders to develop a plan to defeat ISIS in Syria, but the strategy’s details remained confidential.

Over the past few days, hundreds of US marines and Army Rangers arrived in northern Syria to back the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in an ongoing operation against the ISIS’ de facto capital of Raqqa.

However, Assad condemned the move, accusing the US of “creating problems” with interventionist wars.

“Any foreign troops coming to Syria without our invitation or consultation or permission, they are invaders, whether they are American, Turkish, or any other one,” the Syrian President told Hong Kong-based Phoenix broadcaster.

Assad also considered the US-led coalition’s air airstrikes “illegal” and “ineffective”.

According to Assad, the 6-year-old Syrian civil war will be over by 2018, ending with his victory.

“If we presume that you don’t have foreign intervention, it will take a few months. We always have hope that this year is going to be the last year,” he concluded.

Reporting by: Helin Saeed | Source: ARA News 

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