Islamic State’s propaganda chief al-Ansari killed in coalition airstrike northern Iraq


Masked ISIS militant reading a statement issued by the Sharia Court to the public in northern Iraq. In the background, several people are crucified on charges of violating the Caliphate's rules. File photo

ARA News

The US-led coalition on Friday announced the death of Islamic State’s (ISIS) propaganda chief Ibrahim al-Ansari.

Al-Ansari was reportedly killed in a coalition airstrike in northern Iraq on March 25.

The US-led international counter-terrorism coalition confirmed the death of the ISIS propaganda chief in an official statement on Friday.

“Ibrahim Al-Ansari, an ISIS propaganda official, and four of his associates were killed by a coalition strike on March 25 in Al-Qa’im, Iraq,” it said.

Al-Ansari’s removal is expected to disrupt ISIS ability to create propaganda, recruit members and children.

“Al-Ansari was a leader in producing and disseminating propaganda to direct, encourage and instruct terror attacks, as well as to recruit foreign terrorist fighters,” said Colonel Joseph Scrocca, the coalition’s Public Affairs Director.

“He promoted terror attacks against U.S. and Turkish citizens, and the brainwashing of young children to perpetuate ISIS’s brutal message. His propaganda encouraged ISIS followers to conduct knife attacks, vehicle attacks and arson attacks against American and other Western citizens,” Col. Scrocca said.

“This strike will disrupt ISIS’s ability to create propaganda — propaganda to insight terror into the region as well as in our homeland, and has struck communications between other ISIS members,” he concluded.

The US-led Coalition has carried out a heavy air campaign against ISIS since its establishment in summer 2014.

Since Thursday, Coalition military forces have conducted 18 strikes consisting of 66 engagements against ISIS members in Syria and Iraq.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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