kurdish official turkey attacks afrin to regain influence in syria


Kurdish official: Turkey attacks Afrin to regain influence in Syria


Kurdish YPG fighters (L), Turkish troops (R). File photo

ARA News

A senior Kurdish official said on Wednesday that Turkey wants to attack the Kurdish district of Afrin (Efrîn) northwest of Aleppo, “fearing it has no longer a role in Syria.”

“After the anti-ISIS Euphrates Wrath campaign had begun, the Turkish state got convinced that it no longer has a role in Syria, and this became clear by their diplomatic relations decline and foreign relations failure,” said Aldar Xelil, the Kurdish leader of TEV-DEM movement.

“By launching attacks [against Rojava’s Afrin], the Turkish state attempts to restore its role in Syria and interfere in the Syrian interior affairs,” he said in an interview with the local ANHA agency.

Moreover, the official said Turkey is trying to put pressure on the US-led coalition to become a partner in al-Raqqa liberation campaign “and to obstruct the achievements of the Rojava-Northern Syria administration and the project of democratic federalism.”

“Today, after the successive defeats of ISIS mercenaries, Turkey attempts to form other gangs to hit any democratic project that would be formed in Syria,” he said.

Xelil also said that Turkey attempts to preserve its existence and role in Syria’s peace talks in Geneva. “But the developments that the area is witnessing indicate that Turkey has no longer any role or effect on Syria.”

:Moreover, it is expected that Geneva’s map would be changed,” he said, after U.N. envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura told RIA news agency on Tuesday that the Syria’s Kurds should not be ignored, and their representatives must be allowed to take part in drafting the country’s new constitution.

The senior Kurdish official says any attack on Kurdish positions in Afrin or Northern Aleppo will be repelled. “Our people’s power and will would foil all the Turkish plans, and the historic demonstration that Afrin witnessed is a proof that the people with all components would repel any aggression by Turkey.”

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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