kurdish party office shut down in syrias qamishli members arrested


Kurdish party office shut down in Syria’s Qamishli, members arrested


Members of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) organize a forum in Hasakah, northeastern Syria. File photo: ARA News

ARA News

The Rojava Self-Administration, led by the Democratic Union Party (PYD), has recluse the Kurdish National Council’s (KNC) office in Syris northeastern Qamishli city, after the party reopened the building subsequent to it’s closure last week. 13 members of the KNC were arrested by the self-administration’s Asayish security forces on Tuesday.

“In a new step of intimidation, and continuing in its authoritarian approach, the Democratic Union Party’s ( PYD) gunmen stormed the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council in the city of Qamishli – the Siyahi district – and closed it for the second time after it was reopened following a sit-in in front of the office condemning the closure,” the KNC said in a statement obtained by ARA News.

Furthermore, 13 members of the KNC were arrested, including Fasla Yousif, Narin Metini, Mahmoud Mullah, Muhsin Daher, Abdul Samed Khalef Bro, Fethi Gedo, Ahmed Aje, Mahmoud Haj Ali, Ferhad Temi, Mouhamed Amin Husam , Nuredin Fatah, Tahi Hesaf, Qasim Sherif .

“The Democratic Union Party took this step to eliminate KNC’s opposition voices and to continue forward with their [PYD’s] project that aims at ending political life in Syria’s Kurdistan by force of arms, taking advantage of the international consensus on the priority of fighting terrorism, beside forcing the Council to recognize their administration in order to cover their failure in managing the Kurdish region,” the KNC said.

“The terrorist practices of this party show the falsity of their claims and their democratic slogans. And stresses their fear of the national democratic approach of the Council [KNC] and isolate them from the masses that are increasing day after day. However, this will rather increase our determination to move forward in our national project to defend our people and stand in the face of the practices of this party, which emptied the Kurdish region to serve the agendas of the Baath regime,” the KNC said.

After several PKK and YBS fighters were killed in clashes between the KDP-linked Rojava Peshmerga forces and the PKK-affiliated Shingal Resistance Units (YBS) on 3 March in the Yezidi area of Sinjar (also known as Shingal) in northern Iraq, the Rojava Self-Administration urged the KNC parties –backed by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)– to register their offices.

Furthermore, the Asayish security forces led by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Syria’s Kurdish region (Rojava) have arrested over 40 members of the pro-Barzani Kurdish National Council (KNC) after the Sinjar clashes.

This while the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)-led security forces arrested 23 opposition protestors, of which six are still being held in prison in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The Human Rights Watch (HRW) in a statement to ARA News called on both the PYD-led and KDP-led administrations in Iraq and Syria to release prisoners that were arrested after clashes between Kurdish forces in Sinjar on 3 March.

In late April, the security forces of the PYD’s Rojava Self-Administration reclosed an office of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) in Qamishli city, in northeastern Syria, after the KNC decided to reopen it.

On 7 May, five members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (KDP-S) were released along with two members of the Kurdish Future Movement after two months of imprisonment in Kobani.

However, several KNC members are still in prison.

Source: ARA News

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