kurds inaugurate educational institutes in syrias afrin


Kurds inaugurate educational institutes in Syria’s Afrin


Students performing examination in Afrin's vocational institute. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Afrin, Syria – Amid deteriorating security conditions in war-torn Syria and the difficulty of movement between cities and towns, students are suffering obligatory suspension of education. However, the newly founded educational commission of the Kurdish Auto-Administration has recently inaugurated several vocational institutes in Afrin, to provide alternative educational opportunities to the youth. 

Afrin’s vocational institutes include studies of Medicine, agriculture, drama, business management and accounting.

According to the directory, education in these institutes is supervised by a group of professional teachers, doctors and engineers.

The administration of the Afrin vocational institutes emphasizes the importance of such a project for guaranteeing a better future for the students in the region. 

Speaking to ARA News, Adham Othman, director of Afrin vocational institutes, said: “It’s our duty in the canton of Afrin to provide educational and work opportunities for the youth. We are responsible for looking after freshmen and graduates from Afrin’s institutes in order to reassure them a better future and enable them overcome hardships of the ongoing war in the country.”

The recently founded institutes are deemed a significant destination for students from different Syrian cities, amid the deteriorating security conditions across the country and the difficulty of reaching major universities and colleges in Syria. 

Zonav Muhammad, a student in Afrin, said: “I was registered at the university of Aleppo in the department of Mechanical Engineering, but the deteriorating security situation prevented me from attending college. Thus I joined the institute in Afrin to avoid taking risk of traveling.”

Farhad Bilal, another student in Afrin, told ARA News: “I think the inauguration the vocational institutes in Afrin was a very positive step for students. It’s a challenge to overcome hardships of war through education.”

Reporting by: Jihan Misto

Source: ARA News

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