syrias qamishli celebrates kurdish story festival


Syria’s Qamishli celebrates ‘Kurdish Story Festival’


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Qamishlo, Syria According to Syria Kurds, the Kurdish literature faced decades of recession due to the ban imposed on the Kurdish language and culture in Syria under the rule of “chauvinist Baath party”. However, the ongoing war, despite devastation to the country, seems to have opened new horizons to the Kurdish culture and literature.

The Kurdish Writers Union organized on Thursday “the Kurdish Story Festival” in the city of Qamishli, northeast of Syria.

With the participation of several short story writers and the attendance of dozens of interested residents of Qamishli, a number of short stories were presented.

The majority of the authors addressed the Kurdish folk and societal issues in their stories, dealing with realistic topics through a literary style.

The Union selected the top stories presented and celebrated the winners at the end of the festival.

Speaking to ARA News, the head of the Kurdish Writers Union, Delawer Zanki, said: “The opening date of the festival coincides with the anniversary of the first Kurdish story, by Fuad Temmo, published in Roja Kurd newspaper in Istanbul in 1913.”

From Qamishli festival of Kurdish Story. ARA News

“The purpose of this festival is to direct Kurdish writers to write and improve stories,” said Zanki. “The Kurdish story did not reach the level of storytelling in the neighbouring countries due to the Kurdish writers’ tendency to write ballads.”

Fatima Mohammed, one of the festival’s attendees, told ARA News “We are witnessing a slight development in the Kurdish story. I hope more writers would be interested in writing Kurdish stories.”

This is the first festival to be concerned with the Kurdish story comparing to the Kurdish poetry, which was repeatedly celebrated over the past years.


Reporting by: Judi Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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