Syrian rebels clash with Kurdish fighters in Afrin, northern Aleppo


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On Sunday, clashes occurred between the Syrian rebels and Kurdish fighters in Afrin, a city in the suburb of Aleppo mainly populated by Kurds, resulting in more than ten casualties from both sides, activists reported.

The Kurdish armed forces of the Popular Protection Unites –armed wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD)– have gained control over several Kurdish areas northern Syria, including Afrin. PYD’s control, since August 2012, was considered by the rebels as a result of undeclared compromise between the Syrian regime and the party, but the PYD’s leadership has constantly denied that and

stressed that it considers itself a participant in the Syrian uprising. From time to time, clashes occur between both sides, but recently rebels declared that an agreement was reached between them and the PYD forces to cooperate against the Assad army in Aleppo. However, the content of that agreement seems to be violated as clashes continue to take place.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, eleven rebels have been killed in Sunday’s clashes with the Kurdish fighters of the PYD –affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

“Fighting last night (Saturday) in the Afrin region between PYD armed wing the Popular Protection Unites (YPG) and rebels left 11 dead and 20 wounded among rebel forces”, the Britain-based observatory reported, quoting activists in Aleppo.

Activists revealed that similar clashes also occurred in the Kurdish town of Kubani last week, near a checkpoint installed by the rebel forces in the town. However, there are no reports yet on the number of casualties in Kubani.

Since the beginning of the Syrian uprising, more than two years ago, the Kurds have continuously tried to preserve their areas from any domination by the rebel’s forces or that of the regime, making remarkable efforts to keep their cities and villages secure through attempts to stick to the peaceful method of demonstrating against the regime, until the formation of the Kurdish Popular Protection Units by the PYD as the first armed phenomena amongst Syrian Kurds, early in 2012. Making up about 15 percent of the population in Syria, the Kurds have been deprived of their cultural and political rights over decades of Assad family’s rule.


Source: ARA News-agencies


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