By: Dr. Sarbast Nabi

Why don’t we admit that Syrians have coercively entered a dark tunnel, and won’t go out of it unless by the will of others. This is because the opposition has become subject to the will of others.

Let’s frankly admit that we live now in a civil war by all standards; this is because both the Syrian regime and opposition are sadistically fighting the war without admitting it. And it’s not important anymore who has commenced or started it, rather it is who is convincingly continuing it.

The sole fact that is obvious since 2 years of ruin, destruction, and sacrifices is that Syria as a country and a home has fallen down while Al-Assad is still in power. Syria has fallen socially due to the civil war and has fallen educationally and even politically. The new Syria, certainly, which is forming under ruins, will not be like the post-independence one. Syria has become a prey for everybody: the regime alongside with the opposition and the other world (international community). It’s quite clear that those who have severely practiced brutality against the country are those who highly drawl by its name up till now. Syria has become a mere victim for all now: everybody wants to rape it according to his ill mood.

In spite of this, some Kurdish mercenary politicians who have been lurking us and our people again, our villages and cities just to prove for their leaders that they are rebels in their own way. From the first day they (mercenary politicians) have wanted to make our people a scapegoat for others. But our people have proved until now their high wakefulness, notable and political awareness of their revolution aims, and have maintained their peaceful and political movement, participating in depth and challenging the regime mercilessly throughout half a century on their own. After all, those hirelings and over patriotic people are coming now to say that we are not doing what’s required for the revolution. Do we necessarily need to beg the enemy so that they can burn our villages, kill our children and violate our honours only to prove our sense of revolution and nationalism? Have they got no proof but this?

In parallel, the only thing agreed upon by the regime and the opposition in Syria is to oppose Kurds and persecute them. Like the previous historical experiences, all the chauvinists Arabs, blinded by hatred national stand, are completely against the radical national solution to the Kurdish cause in Syria. Arabs may not know that it will be resolved on the opposite of their will and contrary to their interests, and not necessarily be resolved in favour of the Kurds in Syria. However, I’m sure it will be resolved in contrast to the interest of both parties, that there is no Kurdish existence in Syria in the future if they continue their extremist racism.

The view of the Arabic and extremist Islamic opposition towards the democratic and pluralistic cause of the Kurds is like what the Latin proverb says “ A shoemaker shouldn’t judge above the sandal”, that is, the Syrian opposition is even worse than the regime as regards the Kurdish cause.

The Syrian uprising and its spokesmen are quite strange; the opposition is somehow interesting. Unusually, they have not said anything that would give us hope. The Syrian opposition, the whole falcons of Islamists and Arabs including Burhan Ghalyun, Shqfah,Ar’our, Al-Maleh, Bayanuni,and Sibaie, keep provoking the Kurds by their hostile statements which reveals their racism and narrow-mindedness. We are quite unlucky to have co-existed with such people who do nothing but shout when it comes to the Kurdish cause. They are so malicious about the Kurdish existence. We cannot trust such opposition, nor can we believe their sugar-coated promises about equality, democracy and citizenship. It’s easy to remove the rusty masksfrom their faces.

It should be naive and arrogant to ask a people to integrate into your uprising when you don’t even acknowledge their existence and rights. Without finding a solution for the Kurdish cause in Syrian, the opposition cannot bring us to believe that they are really with change, that they believe in democracy and equality, and that they are against tyranny. We cannot be convinced of postponing or procrastinating our rights as the Syrian opposition cannot be convinced of postponing the overthrow of the regime. They are both considered a historical issue, where you cannot accomplish one without the other.


Dr. Sarbast Nabi is a lecturer of philosophy – University of Salahaddin, and lecturer of ‘philosophy of science’- (PhD students) University of Zakho, Iraqi Kurdistan.

 Translated by: Mamo Alo


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Source: ARA News


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