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Damascus, Syria− A mortar shell hit on Tuesday morning an educational compound in the neighbourhood of Shaghour, in the Old City of Damascus. At least eight students were killed and dozens others wounded. 

Local sources couldn’t identify the source of the mortar shell which hit the compound. 

Ahmad Sabbagh, civil rights activist based in the city of Damascus, told ARA News that the shell dropped on the Badr al-Din al-Husseini compound.

“We so far received names of eight victims among the students, while the number of injuries exceeded thirty,” said Sabbagh. “The injured were transferred to al-Mujtahed hospital in the neighbourhood of Midaan in Damascus.”

“The Syrian security forces surrounded the al-Husseini compound amid a state of panic and fear among the students’ parents who came in search of their children,” Sabbagh added. “This coincided with the arrival of ambulance vehicles to the targeted location”.

Meanwhile, a mortar shell dropped on the Bab aj-Jabi in the old city of Damascus, injuring a number of civilians, according to local sources.

In a linked context, similar incidents took place earlier this week in the area of ​​Bab Sharqi and Bab Touma neighbourhoods in old Damascus, where several mortar shells dropped on a number of schools, killing and injuring dozens of students.

The Syrian regime-linked media outlets reported that the source of the shells are the cities and towns under the control of opposition forces, adding that the fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and “extremist” Islamic Brigades are bombing the city of Damascus in a response to the operations carried out by the regime forces against those cities and towns.


Reporting by: Jewad al-Ali

Source: ARA News


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