Thousands of displaced Syrians cross into Turkey: official

Turkish soldiers help Syrian refugees as they cross into Turkey on the Turkish-Syrian border, near the southeastern town of Akcakale in Sanliurfa province, Turkey. (Reuters)

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – A Turkish government official said on Thursday that large numbers of Syrian civilians crossed into Turkey, after the intensification of the fighting between Kurdish forces and militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) north of the country.

The source added that the number of the displaced people who have entered the Turkish territory reached nearly 3000 Syrians.

The Turkish official pointed out that the government staff enroll those who pass to Turkey, after being monitored medically; they are allowed to enter through Akçakale crossing on the border near Şanlıurfa Province, in southeastern Turkey.

The majority of those who crossed the border into Turkey are displaced Arab families from the countryside of Tel Abyad in Raqqa province. 

The continuous battles between the Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and IS militants caused a mass displacement among civilians northern Syria.

In the meantime, militant fighters of IS made a considerable progress in Hasakah province, northeast Syria.

The group took over a major power plant at the southern entrance of Hasakah city, local sources told ARA News on Thursday. 

Sulafa Osman al-Haj, a media activist based in Hasakah, told ARA News: “Civilians are suffering the most amid this mounting violence.”

“The advance of IS terrorists caused a state of panic among Hasakah’s residents, and hundreds of families were forcibly displaced,” she said. 

Christian and Arab families left their houses in southern Hasakah and received shelter north of the city, activists told ARA News on Thursday. 


Reporting by: Mir Yaqoob

Source: ARA News

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